3 Tips for Taking Care of Luxury Handbags

3 Tips for Taking Care of Luxury Handbags


Working with pre-owned luxury items every day, we've seen it all! Here are some of our top tips & tricks to keeping your luxury handbags looking like new!


Tip #1: Preventative Care

The very first signs of wear that appear on most bags is scratches to the hardware.  We sometimes even see this on brand new condition bags.  Keeping the hardware in good condition will increase the longevity of the bag looking new, as well as the turn around profit if eventually re-sold.  We recommend using a hardware protector to prevent scratching before it happens.  Look for protectors that fit the exact style model, are easy to apply, & remove without damage.  We've linked some we've used below, and once applied they aren't noticeable.
Using a water & stain guard is also an option for preventative care to protect the base fabric of the handbag.  For this tip we recommend first researching the textile of the bag, as not all leathers & fabrics are safe for use with liquids/cleaners. We also recommend to test a small inconspicuous area first before using all over the handbag. 
Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Medium Black Lambskin
Hardware Protectors from Havre Deluxe
Leather & Fabric Care from Havre Deluxe


Tip #2: Post Use Inspection
While out with a bag, we always suggest using it & enjoying it to the fullest! However after use,  devote some time to proper cleaning & putting away. Empty the bag of its contents and inspect it thoroughly for any spots, stains, or damage.  Address any spots, dirt, or water marks with a damp mico-fiber cloth, or compatible cleansing wipe.  We love micro-fiber cloths as they're gentle enough for most leathers & delicate fabrics, yet they don't shed lint.  Cleaning any spots or issues right away always is better than after they've set in, so it's a good practice to inspect your handbag after every use.  Just make sure any solvent used is compatible with your bag type.  Let dry completely before putting away. 
Ysl Loulou Medium Black Leather
Tip #3: Proper Storage
Another one of the most common signs of wear we see is loss of shape in luxury bags. To prevent this issue, keep the bag stuffed to it's shape while not in use.  You can find shaper inserts or pillows to fit specific bags, or use clean stiff tissue paper.  Just make sure whatever you're using supports the intended shape of the bag, and doesn’t distort it.  Once stuffed, place in a dust bag & store in a neutral temperature spot to protect from dust & fading. 
Ysl medium black loulou handbag
Bag shapers from Havre Deluxe



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